Thursday, 1 September 2016

New Malifaux models- Jaakuna Ubume and the Barrows Gang

Hi all, recently I've bought and painted up some new models for Malifaux! These are all recent releases except the Convict Gunslingers, and all stuff I've been eagerly awaiting since I ordered Parker Barrows' box over the Gencon weekend.

Jaakuna Ubume, flanked by her Resurrectionist allies the Hanged
The whole of the Barrows Gang as it stands currently
The leaders of the Barrows gang, left to right Mad Dog Brackett, Doc Mitchell and Parker Barrows
 3 Bandidos
2 Convict Gunslingers
As always, thanks for looking! I have also updated my previous Malifaux post with better pictures of Jack Daw's crew, so be sure to take a look

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

First opinions on Warmachine/Hordes MkIII

Hi all, today I have had my first experience with the new edition of Warmachine and Hordes now that the cards are available, and here are my first opinions!

One thing I wish to say first off is that my experience with Mk2 was very limited, and as such I don't have as much experience from a practical standpoint as many others.

The changes to Minions, largely to be covered by myself at a later date, are both great and saddening. The nerfs to the infantry units of the Blindwater Congregation were to be expected, as they were being used in many tournament lists over the in-faction units for many factions, and although there is a lot of hatred being seen for said nerfs, they aren't as major as many claim, and said units are still more than playable. The removal of the pacts, at least until themes are released, is a great change especially for Blindwater, especially the inclusion of Targ which I have been quick to adopt:
It should be near-undisputed that Ancillary Attack is amazing on Gatorman warbeasts, and this plus the healing Targ can give for a measly 4 points make him well worth the cost for most casters. Ancillary Attack combined with the Blackhide Wrastler's Animus makes for a terrifying armour-cracking unit, with 2 Pow20 and 4 Pow17 attacks even the most heavily armoured target is sure to crumble. Ironback Spitters are also quite good with this buff, as they can shoot 2 of their Acid Blasts downfield per turn, which is quite the impressive shooting even before boosting, enabling the quick slaughter of infantry units.

The Cryx changes are much more varied, and my own opinion of them is much the same. The nerfs to Bane Thralls, now Warriors, hit us hard, even to the point some are arguing unplayability for Banes as a whole compared to Satyxis and other Cryx mainstay units. I wholeheartedly disagree with this, however, as the only thing Warriors lost is staying power, keeping Weapon Master while losing Tough from the Standard Bearer and Stealth as standard. The prevalence of models that deal out Stealth is vast however, and as such makes for a much more tactical experience instead of the 'apply Banes' tactic from the past. Bane Knights and Riders, the other two Bane units, received their own changes as well, putting each variation in their own niche. Bane Knights lost Weapon Master in return for Brutal Charge, making their damage output based almost entirely on breaking the enemy in the first strike, and Bane Riders are the supreme in Bane speed, while not hitting as hard (NOT the common 'pillow-fist' branding however, they are still to be feared). Bane Lord Tartarus, the infamous Solo, also had his Curse changed from a +2Spd on Bane units to a +2 to attack rolls. The loss of speed, coupled with the changes to Bane Warriors, means that less models will make it into combat on average. However, both BLT and the Bane Warrior Officer have abilities that enable them to make up their numbers once they reach combat, so they can reach full strength again incredibly easily as they mulch infantry without so much as breaking a sweat.

For running Bane Warriors I will be testing out Goreshade the Bastard, as his Shadowmancer spell, giving them the coveted Stealth, seems invaluable in helping them reach combat where they belong. This will be the combination that I will be writing about once I have had my first few games, which should be in the near future.

New game- Malifaux! Jack Daw and the Outcasts

In the last few weeks, I have been working on a new wargame in the run up to Warmachine/Hordes MkIII. The aesthetic of Jack Daw, and the background of both him and the outcasts as a whole, appealed to me greatly, and as such it is with these models that I begun. My current crew is just over 50 Soul Stones, and is from the "Guilty as Charged" box with 2 of The Hanged added on top.
The painted models of my crew
My crew's leadership, Lady Ligeia, Jack Daw and Montresor
3 Guilty and 2 Hanged, the Tormented Minions of my crew
Freikorps Trapper, a Day-glo model that I got in Jack's box and will be used as fire support if needed

I look forward to playing with these models, and in the near future I will also be writing a small write up of my first impressions.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

From fog and swamp, your death is nigh...

More Warmachine/Hordes models today, and they're definitely no strangers to slaughter. We have the fearsome Deathjack, who in his first game killed his fair share of the Retribution foe, and a unit of Gatormen Posse, who haven't been used in a game yet but I am looking forward to trying them out.

Monday, 25 April 2016

My Armies Part 4- Forces of the Imperium of Man

Hey guys, last post in the army showcase today, back to GW to see the forces of the Imperium of Man for Warhammer 40k. This consists of approximately 5500 points of Dark Angels, and 1000 points of a combined Ordo Malleus and Officio Assassinorum task force.

The Dark Angels were my first army in anything wargame related, and will always hold a special place in my heart. My army, like most Dark Angel armies, can be easily split into 3 "sub-armies," Ravenwing, Deathwing, and what is commonly referred to as "Greenwing," which I run as 3rd Company with 10th Company support.

The Ravenwing are one of my favourite parts of the Dark Angels chapter, as I have a major love for anything on a bike. I took a force that is majority Ravenwing to the Cancon tournament in late January, from which I took home wooden spoon (great success because it got me prizes), and was 3 days of great fun! In the future, they will receive 3 more Black Knights to fill out the command squad, although this is not a priority at the moment.

My Deathwing is more or less complete now, as the basic troops have more than enough numbers. I actually have more models in terminator armour than power armour currently, as long as I don't count my models for my 30k Dark Angels (of which there are a lot thanks to Betrayal at Calth). This section of the army are finished purchase-wise, but I'll be sure to put some paint on them soon. One thing you may have noticed is my Interrogator-Chaplain, which is converted out of the Stormcast Eternal that was given away in White Dwarf magazine a few months ago with the launch of Age of Sigmar.

My Greenwing force has not received much love from me, due to the old rules in the last codex, but have received a recent boost, however small, in the form of 2 tactical squads, one including the Imperial Space Marine released for the recent 30th Anniversary of the Space Marine. They have a large amount of Veterans amongst their ranks, which is due to the fact that I have many characters from the Inner Circle in my Greenwing, and I always like my characters to have an "escort" squad. The additions that will be made the soonest will be the completion of a full Demi-Company in order to be able to run a Lions Blade Strike Force, which is still a sizable investment, but I plan on getting it all eventually.

The forces of the inquisition are elusive and devious, and those that make up their ranks must fight a secret war against the legions of threats, both within and without, to ensure human survival. This is my Inquisitional kill team, consisting of a small Tempestus squad acting as Stormtrooper acolytes, a unique looking Jokaero Weaponsmith, a shotgun-wielding Ministorum Priest, and the leaders of the warband, the Power-Armoured Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, and the less armoured, but no less dangerous, Ordo Xenos Inquisitor. They have also been recently sighted alongside a robed marine in black Power Armour, wielding a bolt pistol and plasma pistol in perfect unison. This has seemingly led to them clashing with the Dark Angels chapter, although the reasons why are known only by the leaders of the Dark Angels...

The forces of the Officio Assassinorum are deployed against the most dangerous of targets, and coincidentally the Dark Angels chapter often finds themselves against such targets. These are my Execution Force consisting of one of each Assassin, from the titular board game.

So, what do you think? Comment your opinions, I'd like to hear them!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Warmahordes update

Hello all! Recently, Privateer Press have announced Warmachine and Hordes MkIII, a new edition to the rules set to affect metas greatly. This announcement has led to me being on a major Warmahordes hobby kick, finishing painting both of my Unit Attachments for my Bane Thralls and Warwitch Deneghra for my Cryx army.
As well as these, I purchased the first model for my Hordes army, the ever-necessary Warlock. I managed to snag a great deal, getting Maelok the Dreadbound (one of my favourite models from any company) for half price, meaning I got him for $15 AUD. I was so excited to start (with the Blindwater Congregation in case you couldn't guess, Gatormen ftw!) that I painted him up in just a little over a day. Lucky I was on uni break when I did, because it was a large amount of "paint and do little else." I managed to get some other models done, for 40k, that will be shown off alongside the rest of my (quite large) army in the very near future.

But that's not all, because I played my first ever game of Warmachine this past week! I used everything for my Cryx that you have seen here, with the exception of Deneghra, and played against my friend's Retribution of Scyrah army, led by Thyron, Sword of Truth. Because it was my first game, we played a simple caster kill scenario. When Thyron had the jump on Goreshade, I thought it to be over, however a series of quite unlucky rolls meant that only Deathwalker perished, and Goreshade was able to get the drop on his Iosan cousin (far removed following some of Lord Gyrrshyld's 'experiments'). I look forward to many more games as we near the release of MkIII, and many many more, including with the Blindwater Congregation, once it hits.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My Armies Part 3- The beginnings of the Nightmare Legion of Cryx

For Part 3 of my army showcase, I provide something different to the works of Games Workshop, and into the world of Warmachine and Hordes. Off the coast of Immoren is where my allegiance lies, with the Dragonlord Toruk, and his Nightmare Nation, Cryx.
A full shot of 'Phase 1'. From left to right, Deathripper Helljacks, Slayer Bonejack, Defiler Bonejack, Deathwalker, Goreshade the Bastard.
 The Deathripper Bonejacks are the most simplistic 'Jacks in my army, but as Arc Nodes can be used to channel spells.
 My Warcaster Goreshade, the Bastard, and his companion, Deathwalker. The twisted, cruel husk of what once was an Iosan noble is my favourite character in the Cryx background, hence a logical decision to use as my caster.
 Defiler Bonejack, identical to the Deathrippers except for a highly corrosive shooting weapon mounted in it's head.
Slayer Bonejack, the heavy hitter of my small battlegroup.
Bane Thralls, my not so warm bodies, making up the bulk of the army. These are the 'Phase 2' and only arrived last week. The only models that are currently unpainted are the unit attachments, an Officer and Standard Bearer.

Good news is, all that I need now for this army to reach a modestly playable 25 points is to paint up the Thrall Officer and Standard Bearer. Later down the line, to reach 35 points, I will be adding a unit of Bane Riders, to stick with the Bane theme that Goreshade suits nicely. I aim to get these painted fairly soon, but I am currently working on a lot of Age of Sigmar models, focusing on painting and basing my Skaven.